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Anne F, San Francisco
I wasn't able to travel much because I was always so worried about my cats, until I met Courtney!  The first time I used her was when I flew overseas for 2 weeks, and when I returned I was surprised that my cats didn't seem to have missed me, in fact, they were bonded with Courtney!  My house was cleaner than when I left it!  Since then, I have gone on numerous trips and never worry whatsoever about my cats.  She is meticulous at following instructions I leave for her, is a consummate professional and most importantly for me, she is completely trustworthy. 

I recently decided to add a dog into my household, and never having had a dog, I immediately contacted Courtney for advice.  Unbeknownst to me, the dog I adopted turned out to have multiple behavioral issues I was not made aware of at the time of adopting him.  I hired Courtney for training.  It took several months to work through all the issues this dog came with, but now, we are one happy family!  Without Courtney's help, I can honestly say that there would have been no way that I could have kept this dog.   Not only does she have excellent dog training skills, she does it with compassion for the dog.  She clearly loves dogs (and cats) and my dog responded well to her, never with fear, but with adoration!  Besides all of t he above, Courtney provided me with emotional support through some very rough times when I first adopted the dog.  There were many nights of crying on the phone with her when I first adopted the dog.  She talked me through it with much compassion and understanding.  She is the reason I can now proudly say I am the guardian of a great dog and 3 cats who all get along!



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