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Elizabeth B, San Francisco
Courtney's the Best!
Ok here's the deal, I have a Shiba Inu named Miso. She's awfully cute, she will melt your heart with just one bashful look, and if you see her at the beach she will surely get your attention with her non-stop chasing, teasing, and playfulness.  But she is also skiddish, freaked out by almost anything she doesn't recognize, barks at strangers in hats, and will embarrass the hell out of you if she doesn't want to walk next to you because you're carrying something scary, like a grocery bag.

We did all the right things when we got Miso as a puppy. She was socialized starting the first week, in training after 3 months old, she was potty trained, and taught to sit, speak and lie down the first two weeks we had her.As she got a little older we realized she needed much more training if she was ever going to come out of her shell and just be happy.

Miso, with Stanley, on our weekly group walks.
Enter Courtney. She was so patient, supportive and understanding of our frustrations with Miso and encouraged us to keep trying and not give in. Miso still has her issues but she has made huge strides in her behavior and social skills. It's amazing! Courtney really helped us focus on one thing at a time and helped us get past the walls we'd hit with her in training.

I haven't used Courtney as a pet sitter but knowing her she's just as attentive and warm to all the pets she cares for as she is for her own.

If you need some help handling your pooch, don't wait, Courtney is your gal!
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