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Zoe S, San Francisco
I bet the reason Courtney and the Whole Pet only have three reviews on yelp (now four) is because none of us (or our pups) want to share her with the rest of the world! However,  all furry friends deserve to have Courtney and her group in their lives!

High Tops first met Courtney through Muttley Crew (also fantastic). I first met Courtney, Stan, and Justin when High Tops freaked out upon seeing them at Golden Gate Park last year. Let me tell you, nothing makes a dog mom's heart as happy as seeing her girl with an uncontrollable wagging tail upon seeing her care givers. So naturally I was thrilled when Courtney began to offer her group walks.

High Tops
High Tops has grown so much in the last few months walking with Courtney. She has always been a really good girl with the exception of barking at the old, sick, and crazy. Or as Courtney likes to say "strangers." Courtney mentioned this in our "dog log" after her first walk. I have to admit I was a little embarrassed, but Courtney reassured me the group walks would help and they have! HT no longer barks at "strangers" and that is all thanks to Courtney, Stan and Boy (her four legged helpers). I swear I think Courtney could cure almost anything.

Check out the Whole Pet. Your best friends will thank you for it!

Oh PS...we have also used C as a pet sitter. The best as the dogs stay with her in her home. That makes a mama's heart happy too!
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