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Dogs are social animals, and of all their needs, the need for exercise & socialization is one of the most vital. Exercise is not a substitute for training, but an essential part of helping your dog to learn, grow & reach her full potential. An appropriate exercise program can help alleiviate your dogs anxiety, improve his health and help resolve behavior problems, as well as build confidance & valuable social skills. Exercise & socialization are critical for dogs everywhere, but of extra importance for urban dogs, where close quarters & shared outdoor spaces intensify the importance of social behavior.

We offer exercise & socialization options to fit dogs of all activity levels. Help your dog reach her full potential with a solid exercise program that includes group dog walks or daycare socialization at Muttley Crew.

Our walks are off leash & active group walks at our beautiful local parks. Our favorites are Stern Grove, Buena Vista Park, Fort Funston, Bernal Hill & Ocean Beach. We never take more dogs then the city of San Francisco permits & all dogs are screened for sociabilty.

Also available is a Half Day Doggie Daycare program in collaboration with Muttley Crew. Rates for group walks & Half Day Daycare include pickup & delivery to your house within San Francisco, and discounts are available for dogs attending any weekly program fulltime.

Now, by popular demand your dogs can get the best of both worlds with our newest program, One Tired Dog! Dogs are picked up before noon for the group walk, then dropped off at Muttley Crew for a second round of socialization fun. They will romp away the afternoon until their owners pick them up, anytime before 7pm. In this program, dogs will get the full dog walk, plus a half day of doggie daycare so this a full day experience. Your dog is guarenteed to be tired! And as all dog owners know, a tired dog is a good dog.


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