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We can arrange a customized pet consultation in your home to help you with an endless variety of pet care, behavior & wellness needs that don't fit neatly into any category. Just ask! If we can't help you ourselves, we can refer you to someone who can through our comprehensive local network.

Set up a Cat Behavior consult and develop a plan to work through your cat's behavior problem. Contrary to popular belief, cats can be trained -- even if they are not likely to fetch the ball or shake your hand. In fact, behavior problems in cats are frequently symptoms of a medical problem or emotional upset & can often be remedied.

Transition periods such as a new baby, new pet adoption or moving are critical phases in households with pets. We can help your family through the transition phase. A smooth transition will go a long way towards preventing the behavior problems that can surface during the life changes that have such an impact on our sensitive pets.

A Pet Wellness Assessment is part of any in-home consultation. To truly address your pets overall well being, we will consider the role that nutrition, exercise, socialization, play, training & emotional health all have on your pet's quality of life. We will develop a plan to maximize your pets health & happiness that fits into your lifestyle.

Senior & ill pets often need a little extra help & support on a daily basis. You can call us when you need a little extra support yourself in providing them with what they need. We are happy to give a simple potty break or administer medication and we are comfortable giving sub-q fluids & insulin injections. If your old dog just needs a snuggle or ride in the car to get a little break in his day, we are always willing to keep him company.


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