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People are always trying to make us choose to be "dog people" or "cat people" and what kind
of choice is that? We are all around "animal people" and fill our team with cat lovers as well as
dog lovers. Even though your cat can't join us for group walks (I know a few who try) we have
plenty to offer your feline friends too.

Cats don't travel well, or board well either. As all cat owners know, they prefer to stay at home
to be waited on hand & foot. We can do that, and clean the litterbox too. So you can relax and
enjoy your trip, knowing your cat is in the hands of our professional, reliable & experienced
cat sitters
. We offer overnight house sitting as well as drop-in visits
at your home, and can
accomodate the special needs of senior or ill cats.

If your cat is having a behavior problem, there is hope! Behavior problems in cats are frequently
symptoms of a medical problem or emotional upset & can often be remedied. Contrary to popular
belief, cats can be trained. Set up a Cat Behavior consult and make a plan to work through the
problem. We can also help you through the transition phase of a new pet adoption or addition
to the family. A smooth transition will go a long way towards preventing the behavior problems
that can surface during the life changes that have such an impact on our sensitive pets. A Pet
Wellness Assessment
is part of any cat consult.

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