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Courtney Gunter, owner of The Whole Pet, is dedicated to providing a holistic and balanced approach to dog training and pet care. Growing up in a house where the pets always outnumbered the humans, Courtney always felt close to the animals. She learned to speak their language early until it became second nature.
Courtney moved to San Francisco from Michigan by way of upstate New York and became a volunteer at San Francisco Animal Care & Control. The experiences & the connections made there planted the seeds for an unexpected change of course. Life indoors at a desk in an ad agency seemed less & less satisfying, especially as the dot com “bust” continued to bring round after round of layoffs to the industry.
Finally, on a whim, Courtney started seeking something different. The opportunity came in the form of a job listing for a dog training company expanding out of Sonoma & seeking trainers to cover Bay Area territories & offering apprenticeship.

Courtney & Boy
Courtney got the job & advanced quickly to a supervisor role, overseeing several trainers covering a territory from Sonoma to Santa Cruz. She knew quickly she had found her niche & resolved to begin her own company and extend services to include the pet care & exercise that were frequently in demand -- and often vital to your pet's success in training.
Since then, The Whole Pet has continued to grow & expand services to include daily group dog walks, doggie daycare & consultations on pet problems of all types. Our pet sitting team is growing everyday & serves a large base of clients all over the bay area with all types of pets. We are very lucky to get to make a living working with animals. Every dog teaches us something and we are grateful everyday for all the great experiences & relationships, both animal & human, that have come on this road. This career may have been a surprise to Courtney at first, but now she could never imagine a different path.

Courtney is a board member for The Friends of SF Animal Care & Control, a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals and Pet Sitters International, and a certified Pet Tech Pet First Aid Instructor.

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